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We believe that pupils learn best when they are active participants in planned, educational experiences which are appropriate to their level of development.  We want our pupils to experience a sense of success through their achievement and to develop confidence and spiritual and moral values.

Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Department

The Foundation Stage incorporates the Early Learning goals with an emphasis on the development of functional communication.

We provide a holistic approach to assessment and learning which is supported by other professionals, the multi-disciplinary team. Timetabled sessions in the hydrotherapy pool and sensory room as well as outside learning environment facilitate a variety of teaching approaches to encourage exploring and making sense of the world.

Pupils may start from around 30 months and gradually build on their time until they attend full time by their fifth year.
The multidisciplinary therapy team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists support pupils in their classes with programmes of therapy delivered 1:1 and in class alongside class teachers to support access to the curriculum. Alongside this the class team work closely with therapists to deliver programmes of therapy to support progress.

Primary Department

In Key Stage 1 (age 5 to 7) we begin to follow the National Curriculum subjects of English, Maths and Science, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music, PE (Physical Education) and PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education.  Beginning in the Early Years Foundation Stage we teach reading and early literacy skills using a structured phonics scheme known as Read write Inc. All subjects are delivered to ensure children are active in their learning activities differentiated to meet individual need.
In Key Stage 2 (age 8 to 11) we continue to follow the National Curriculum. Pupils continue to access specialist facilities and are encouraged to develop an increased sense of independence.  Pupils have access to appropriate outdoor play equipment to encourage physical development and play skills.

Secondary Department

The secondary classes, pupils in Key Stage 3 and 4, are set for English, Maths, Science and Computing and in their form classes for other subjects. All classes are taught national curriculum subjects as follows:

Humanities (Geography and History)
Art & Design

Courses followed at KS4 (Year 11)

Functional Skills Maths
Functional Skills English
Functional Skills ICT
Asdan Science
GCSE Photography
Asdan PSD
Asdan Short courses - Enterprise, Road wise, Sport, History

Post 16 Provision

Post 16 focuses on increasing personal independence in supporting the transition to adult life and entitlement to a community presence.
Students continue to develop basic Literacy and Numeracy skills and work on life, Travel and Leisure Skills.  Students are aged from 16 to 19 years and experience learning through ability groups, year groups and pastoral groups.  Post 16 staff work closely with parents and the Connexions Service to plan for each individual’s future in a person - centred way.  Accreditation is gained by students in a variety of subjects.  There are social opportunities to meet mainstream college students. 

Curriculum Delivered

Functional Skills Maths
Functional Skills English
Functional Skills ICT
Asdan Science
GCSE Photography
Community Swimming/Sport
Work Experience
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Community Travel Training
Asdan Short courses - Enterprise, Road wise, Sport, History