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No Smoking

Introduction Research shows that almost a quarter of all young people are regular smokers by the age of 15. Almost all adult smokers took up the habit when they were children. It is estimated that 450 children a day take up the habit. The medical profession regard smoking as the major cause of many illnesses. It is estimated that approximately 114,000 smokers a year die in the UK because of their smoking habit. People can be harmed by second-hand smoke, i.e. by inhaling smoke from other people’s cigarettes. Woodlawn school acknowledges that smoking and breathing other people’s tobacco smoke is both a public health hazard and a health issue.

This Policy aims to:
  • provide an environment where good health is promoted for all. 
  • highlight to all who use this school site that it is a ‘smoke free’ environment. 
  • enable the school to tackle smoking-related issues
  • raise awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to tobacco smoke and reinforce the school’s health education programme.
satisfy Section 2(2)(e) of the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974, which places a duty on employers to provide a working environment for employees that is ‘safe, without risks to health, and adequate as regards facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.’

comply with the smoke free legislation under the Health Act 2006, which from the 1st July 2007, places a duty on ‘any person who controls or is concerned in the management of smoke-free premises’ i.e. the Head Teacher, to ensure compulsory signage is displayed in the required places and smoking is prevented in all ‘enclosed’ or ‘substantially enclosed’ premises.

take account of the needs of those who are addicted to smoking and to offer an avenue of support for those who wish to stop.

School Environment

1.1 The school site is an entirely smoke free environment. Smoking is not permitted on the school grounds or in the school buildings including toilets, corridors, staff rooms, car parks and playing fields.

Smoking is not permitted in the area immediately outside the school grounds as this is within close proximity for a Primary school.

1.2 This policy applies to staff, pupils, parents, visitors and contractors when they are on the school site.

1.3 Signage is displayed remind all visitors of the school’s smoke free policy.

1.4 Smoking signs are prominently displayed around the school grounds reflecting the school’s stance to smoking on site.

Compulsory signage will be displayed as required
by the Health Act.

1.5 Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the school grounds or buildings at any time. This includes school events held outside normal school hours.

1.6 Organisations and clubs who use the school premises outside of school hours are expected to adhere to the school’s No Smoking policy.

1.7 All transport provided or contracted by the school is smoke free and will display the compulsory signage as required by the Health Act.

1.8 Teachers, parent helpers and staff are expected to refrain from smoking on all school trips.

1.9 The school will support National No Smoking Day.

Securing Compliance


2.1 The teaching staff and governors must have a clear and detailed understanding of the damage that cigarette smoking and second hand smoke does to health and is also aware of the nature of tobacco addiction.

2.2 Staff and the PSHE Co-ordinator will ensure smoking-related topics are adequately incorporated into class teaching for each Key Stage as appropriate. Pupils will be targeted especially at end of key stage 2 and key stage 4.

2.3 Where possible, staff should link up with the wider community and are encouraged to use the knowledge and materials of outside agencies.

2.4 Activities around smoking in schools should compliment a community-wide programme of action. Messages should be consistent with and support each other.

2.5 Staff are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the school site.

2.6 Staff will not smoke in front of pupils during educational visits.

2.7 Details of the NHS Stop Smoking Service will be available to those staff who wish to quit. Details and leaflets offering support will be available in the staff room, on school notice boards and from the school nurse.

2.8 All staff will be provided with a copy of this policy and new staff will be alerted to the existence of the smoke free environment at interview.

2.9 Breaches of this policy will be subject to the normal disciplinary procedures.


3.1 Pupils will be given appropriate support and information through curriculum delivery and 1-1 sessions dependent on individual need.

3.2 Help will be made available to those pupils who want advice on how to stop smoking by visiting the school nurse at the school drop in sessions.

Parents and Volunteers

4.1 Parents/adult helpers will be reminded annually that the school site is a smoke free environment.

4.2 Parent/adult helpers are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the school grounds.

4.3 Parents/adult helpers will be asked to refrain from smoking when assisting on any school trips/events.

Contractors, Visitors and Other Users of the School Site

5.1 All contractors, visitors and users of the school site must be informed of the school’s No Smoking Policy on signing in at reception and are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the school site.

5.2 Adequate signage will act as a reminder.

5.3 Contractors, visitors and users of the school site will be discouraged from smoking at exits and entrances to the school grounds, especially in view of pupils from Woodlawn and Langley First School

5.4 Smoking inside work vehicles on site is not permitted.

5.5 Breaches of the school’s No Smoking Policy by contractors should be reported to the relevant company via the Business Manager.

5.6 Taxi drivers and escorts who drop off and collect our pupils will be informed of the schools no smoking policy and are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the school site or surrounding area.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

6.1 This policy has been devised in full consultation with children/young people, staff parents/carers and governors.

6.2 The governors and leadership team will ensure that all staff take responsibility for implementing and regularly monitor pupils, staff and other adults using the school site to ensure compliance. Overall responsibility for this policy ultimately rests with the Headteacher.

6.3 From 1st July 2007, legislation places the responsibility on ‘any person who controls or is concerned in the management of smoke-free premises’ i.e. Headteachers to ensure that compulsory signage is displayed in adequate places and smoking in all ‘enclosed’ and ‘substantially enclosed’ premises is prevented.

6.4 The Senior Management Team will review and monitor the curriculum to ensure that the PSHE curriculum is providing education on the dangers of smoking and second hand smoke, preferably emphasising the benefits of not smoking.

6.5 The school acknowledges that smoking is an addiction and will ensure that adequate support will be made available to those who want to quit through the school nurse.

6.6 The Governing Body will review this policy annually and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the school.

6.7 This policy has been circulated to all staff and a central copy is in the policy file in the admin office. 6.8 Twelve weeks notice will be given to staff, students, parents and contractors of any changes to this policy following consultation with staff and Governors.